Illuminations am 4Gamechangers Festival 2019

Interactive Sandbox at 4Gamechangers festival 2019

It was the second time for us at that we took part at the 4Gamechangers festival 2019 and again visitors had the chance to test one of our interactive solutions (check out 4GC2018 post)

This year we brought our interactive sandbox – and people just loved it. Kids, as well as adults built virtual valleys and landscapes and were fascinated by the fact, that they came alive with the interactive projection mapping solution from above.

Realtime animation rendering

The system is based on depth tracking from above, continuously measuring the height of the sand. Whenever one of the visitors changed something in the sand, the videomapping got updated in realtime.

Different scenarios make it simple to play for hours without getting bored.

The complete system can be rented overall Austria for exhibitions, company events and retail promotions.

At the 4gamechangers Festival it was used by kids as well as by entrepreneurs and startups.

The biggest plus with the “Interactive Boulder Games” is that – beside its function as eyecatcher for exhibitions and events – it also is a great marketing tool.

Who is it for – target groups for interactive sandbox

This question we got asked a lot at the 4Gamechangers Festival 2019.
First of all it is perfect for education – by explaining knowledge in a new interactive way.

Second there is the therapy sector, where various treatment centers had positive experiences in using interactive sandbox for people with mental illnesses or disorders of the fine motor skills.

Thanks to ALL ABOUT YOU – Public Relations and CITOS Office Services for the Social media posts.
Also it was cool to have Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow from GOT promotion tour of @SKYX at our booth.