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Interactive trampoline for Flip Lab trampoline park

On November 15th a new Flip Lab trampoline park opened its doors in Riedmatt near Zürich. (

We’ve been there before the opening and installed a customized interactive trampoline system.

Flip Lab is one of the most modern trampoline parks in Europe, so beside our interactive trampoline installation, a cool light concept and great sound system you can also find a Ninja Parcour, Bag Jumps, Bungees, a Dodgeball area, Silking courses and many more.

It’s definitely worth checking one of their destinations in Zürich, Wien or Graz.

Workout and gaming combined

This customer was looking for an additional attraction for the new Flip Lab trampoline park in Zürich. That’s why they asked us for an interactive installation for a specific area.

Players jump on a trampoline side by side and can play individual games on the wall in front of them. As a camera is tracking their jump movements, users become part of the games projected on the wall.

To make it more interesting for different ages we installed one side for older kids and adults and the other one for kids of younger ages. People have to catch things flying around by jumping and hitting the air in front of the wall.

During the open days in November, over 5000 people were able to test the interactive trampoline and had lots of fun.

Having a Ninja parcour, family entertainment center or any other destination you’d like to add some interactivity to?

We can make any surface interactive!