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Interactive videobox

Interactive videobox

One big red Buzzer, a huge monitor and the most modern face tracking technology. This is our interactive videobox.

Props and decorations like cowboy hats and feather boas were yesterday. The high resolution camera of our interactive videobox recognises the users faces and virtually adds any kind of decoration you can imagine.

Short clips can be recorded and directly sent to different social media plattforms.

Fun on any event and exhibition

The interactive videobox only needs some small area to operate, but is a big eyecatcher for every kind of event or exhibition.

Customize the props by adding your companies logo or colors.

The complete system can be rented either with monitor (65″ and bigger) or LED wall.

Application areas:

  • shopping centers
  • corporate events
  • family entertainment centers
  • festivals
  • promotions

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Key facts:

  • realtime face tracking
  • virtual props attached to users faces
  • buzzer controlled
  • social sharing feature
  • short video clips and loops

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