stop changing posters every day

Transparent LED poster

stop changing posters every day

Transparent LED poster

Transparent LED posters

Nowadays it’s no more necessary to change printed posters every day – blocking your shopping windows view.

The answer is: transparent LED posters – the perfect combination of digital advertising and multimedia content management

With one single klick you can change the complete sujet and even schedule it for the next months

Different sizes and resolutions

Find the right size for your shopping window.

If needed – we also can transform your complete shopping window into one big screen.

Different pixel resolutions available – also with light sensor to adapt the brightnes automatically.

Application areas:

  • retail stores
  • shopping centers
  • tourist informatino centers
  • hotels

Inquire now

Contact us for a transparent led poster offer for store, shopping center or hotel.

Key facts:

  • different sizes and resolutions
  • high brightness
  • schedulable content playback
  • optional light sensor for automated brightness control
  • as poster or complete window installation

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