Make your floor come alive

Interactive floorgames

Make your floor come alive

Interactive floorgames

Interactive floorgames

Choose from a range of different games. Users can compete against each other and interact with your brand.

One example are sport games like football or icehockey. Or maybe you just want to herd some cows or catch individual game elements – ask us for an individual game offer.

Our interactive floorgames can help raising your brand awareness and entertain users on your exhibition booth.

How do interactive floorgames work?

People get tracked from above by an infrared camera.

Tracking height can be adapted to make sure only the feet get tracked. While moving in a defined area, people interact with the game.

As with our interactive wallgames we also can individualize the look of each game to adapt it to your brand.

Don’t like to play? Then maybe you better go with some customized interactive solution.

Application areas:

  • exhibition booths
  • shopping centers
  • promotion tours
  • hotels
  • fitnesscenters
  • company events

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Contact us for an offer for your next exhibition booth, company event or as installation in your shopping center:

Key facts:

  • customizable game elements
  • for rental or fixed installations
  • fun for all ages

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