share your social feeds and hashtags so anyone can see

Social wall

Social Wall – display your hashtags

Show your social media postings so anyone can see it. Either as huge projection on any wall or integrated in your existing hardware (f.e. monitors or led walls)

Perfect solution to use at your next event, where people post their selfies using your custom #hashtag to display their photo on the social wall.

Or use it in your retail store for your next promotion by animating people to interact with your brand for the next competition.

Book your social wall comfort package

You don’t have to worry about people posting inappropriate things on your wall.

When choosing our social wall package, we bring the right hardware (projector, monitor or led wall), the software to filter your social media posts and trained staff monetoring your post before they get display on the wall.

Application areas:

  • retail stores
  • corporate events
  • shopping centers
  • public places (f.e. tourism)

Inquire now

Contact us for a hashtag wall offer for your next corporate event or retail store.

Key facts:

  • display social feeds and hashtags easily
  • for single events or fixed installations
  • engage your audience for social interaction
  • gain more followers for your account
  • works with all social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat,…)

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