interactive infotainment

Digital content and messages come alive through interactive, sensor-based solutions.

Who is it for?

"Infotainment" is composed of "information" and "entertainment".

In addition to the well-known ability to communicate content to people, information can also help, with the right innovative solutions, to bring them closer together and experience history in a completely new way.

Bring your target groups into dialogue with your brand through interactivity and create an individual, active engagement with your content.

What does it do?


gain customer insights

showcase product features

display local information

interactive entertainment for all branches


Make history come alive with interactive infotainment installations, where visitors become part of the content. No matter your main topic, interactive content helps growing your audience and give them a great experience.


Being exhibitor at a trade fair is quite expensive and time consuming. Interactive infotainment makes it easier to differentiate from other booths and display information so it sticks in one’s mind.

Hotels / Tourism

Either you want to display existing cooperations with local business owners, inform about your services or give people space to interact with each other. Interactive infotainment solutions can give your guests a customized user experience.

Let visitors interact with your informations

Enable interaction between people by giving them “interactive spaces” where they can share digital information in a perfect combination of online- and offline lifestyle.

Display your informations only to relevant audience and grow a sustainable business by knowing your users behaviours.

Touchless interactions are possible as well!


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