interactive signage solutions

Display content triggered by sensors

Who is it for?

Signage solutions have now found their way into most companies. Current solutions consist of monitors or projections that show video or photo loops.

By integrating sensors, you can bring digital signage applications to a completely new level.

This allows you to convey your messages and advertising content to your customers in a targeted manner.

Let your target group become part of the advertising space. An active personal experience with your brand through the integration of different senses of your customer will keep your brand better anchored.

Digital Signage is boring

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is understood as digital content that is displayed in a similar way to posters or signs at the Point of Sale (POS) or Point of Information (POI) via electronic displays.

Why is it boring?

Normal Digital Signage Solutions tend to only show slideshows of pictures or  videoloops.

Digital signage is suitable for individual locations, but especially for business premises that wish to offer their customers and visitors more targeted information and/or shopping offers there are better solutions.

The future of Signage Displays

Sensor based targeting

iSignage solutions make it possible to use intelligent sensor technology to implement digital content in a targeted manner to convey information and promote sales.

The sensor technologies react automatically to predefined events and target groups to present and convey your desired content.

iSignage = increase in efficiency and effectiveness

Targeted, event-driven
playout of information

Real-time playout of ads in line with the target group

improved interaction possibilities for users and visitors

Process optimization & success measurement of your advertisings

Application examples

Test installation

Rent a 3-month test installation incl. all hardware to test our system at your location.


setting project goals, installation options and processes

Start test phase

configuration and start of testrun

Month 1


reporting, validation and analysation of
first month


Content adaption
according to new gained insights

Month 2

Regular operation

continuous reporting and playout with optimized settings

Month 3

Let's build some interactive signage displays

If you are a business owner and want to better know your customers, then interactive signage can help you with that.
Contact us for further information and talk about what kind of sensors fit best for your business.


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