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Interactive trainings, virtual museum tours or interactive real estate presentations – interactive tours offer users a personalized experience.

in Austria

Scans of your own buildings are sensitive data - that's why we save them on self hosted, fast SSD servers in Vienna.

Password protected

Make the virtual tour accessible only to a specific target group. With password protection or a data query, you have control.


Add videos, images, PDF downloads or interactive 3D models to the virtual tour to enhance the customer experience.

Videoconferencing made interactive

After your tour has been created, you can guide customers through your virtual tour by yourself IN REALTIME.

Use the tour as any other video conferencing tool, or even integrate your preferred platform (Zoom, MS-Teams, Webex,…..) You alone decide what the participants are able to do.

For interactive training, there is also the option of searching for hidden clues in the tour or having to answer questions about the clicked items using interactive areas with scorepoints.

Interactive tours for...



Guide your visitors through a virtual version of your current exhibition. Interactive surfaces can be used to show details of individual objects or play search games with scoring.

If required, this can also be combined with a ticketing system.


Real Estate

Organize a virtual tour of your properties similar to a video conference. Guide through the premises or hand over the tour to your customers.

Alternatively, the tour can be visited by the customer himself upon request of contact details.




Showcase your work in an interactive virtual tour through your office. Display products in a digital Showroom.

Present yourself and your partners at an interactive booth during your own digital in-house exhibition.



Whether for training new employees or teaching interactive lessons to school classes.

Guided virtual tours are an experience for all ages, where you can decide for yourself what participants are able to do.

About us

Our passion is the targeted use of interactive media to promote interpersonal interaction.

Due to the current situation, many of our customers cannot communicate as usual. Therefore, virtual tours help keeping them in contact with their audience – completely contactless.

Looking forward to working with you to develop new solutions for your industry.

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