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Visit exhibitions and events online with almost the same experience as in real live. Meet other people, collect informations and listen to speakers on virtual stages.


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The "new normal"

Like many others, you may also had to completely re-think your successful marketing concepts you built up over years.

While in the past large trade fairs, live events and in-house exhibitions have been a good way to present your products or services, communication now has moved to the internet. Home office, video meetings and online fairs have become daily business.

Even though the Internet can never replace direct interpersonal exchange, some innovations will remain even after the Corona period. Just like you, we at Illuminations have been thinking about how we can continue doing what we love to do most, letting people interact with each other through interactive technologies.

The Illuminations interactive online events platform

In our experience, it is very important for online events to focus on the user experience.

Visiting an online event should feel similar to visiting a real trade show, including the corresponding interaction possibilities.

As we also want to keep things simple while being flexible, we added the following functions:

free movement

in a digital created world or scan of a real scenario

get in contact

with real people via live chat or direct video call

collect infos

about different products and services

listen to talks

digital stages with real speakers

All of our events are hosted on Servers in Vienna, including registration platform, access control and visitor analysis.

Application areas:

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Want to know more about online exhibition platform?

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Want to know more about online exhibition platform?

We will get to you asap:

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