Interactive facetracking

See yourself as cowboy, alien, or anything else you can imagine. Take a selfie with your favourite singer or sportsman. With modern interactive facetracking technology, we build interactive video- and photobooths.

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Interactive Facetracking - Photobooth 2.0

Props and decorations like cowboy hats and feather boas are so yesterday. The high resolution camera of our interactive videobox recognises the users faces and virtually adds any kind of decoration you can imagine.

Static 3D objects, animations, facepaint and 2D elements decorate the users face. The user interface can be designed in your companies CI colors. Also different props for each person are possible.


Rent the interactive viral tool

Short clips can be recorded and sent to different plattforms. Therefore users can have fun and share it with friends on Social Media.

The interactive videobox only needs a small area to operate, but is a big eyecatcher for every kind of event or exhibition.

The complete system can be rented either with monitor (65″ and bigger) or LED wall. If needed, also a printer can be added to print out photos instead of recording a video.

Install at your location

The new version of our interactive videobox comes with touchless gesture control and direct Social media integration. Just scan the QR Code and get the video / image directly loaded on your mobile phone. 

Contact us for options and a custom design adapted to your targeted customer segment. 

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Want to know more about interactive videobox?

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Want to know more about interactive videobox?

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