Valo Climb

A 4x3m sized climbing wall where you can compete against others or challenge yourself in the highscore while playing interactive games.

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Interactive climbing wall by Valo Motion

Right from Finland, produced by one of our partners “Valo Motion”, who also built the interactive trampoline system “Valo Jump”

Either with our mobile system on tour or as fixed installation in trampoline parks, shopping malls and entertainment centers, the Valo Jump system has brought fun to many people from all ages. Kids love to catch bats in the “whack a bat” game or build their own levels in one of the electrifying labyrinth games. Adults compete agains each other in a “pong” like game called “Climball” 

Games can be chosen easily by your customers via Touchscreen. You can also integrate your advertising partners into video links or display a short commercial sequence before each game.

Valo Climb - Sports & marketing tool

Beside the fun and sports fact – Valo Climb is also an interactive marketing tool.

Users can send a video of themselves climbing directly via the integrated social sharing feature. Here you can also embedd your logo as a watermark and add some custom link text.

Further more we can adapt every game to fit your brand (f.e. colors, interactive elements,…)


The complete system can be rented for indoor and outdoor events or be installed as a permanent installation

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Try before you buy

You can always try our Valo Climb system at one of our partners destinations.

Outdoor version available

Weatherproof for

outdoor promotions
company events,…

Outside can be branded 360°

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Want to know more about Valo Climb?

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